How to Design the Perfect Powder Room

You might be considering turning your plain half bath into the prettiest powder room, but you’re not sure how to bring it to life. Our interior designer, Mary-Jo Mantz, put together a few of her favorite tips to help you on your design journey.

What is a Powder Room?

A powder room is a smaller bathroom with only a toilet and a sink that your guests use when entertaining. Most times the powder room is located on the first floor of a multi-story property, making it easily accessible. The perfect powder room should be fun and unexpected since your guests will be using this room. You don’t always have to match your powder room to the aesthetic of the rest of your home. Have fun with it!

Wallpaper or Paint?

When it comes to walls- texture is everything! We love adding wallpaper to give the room an added layer of dimension. In fact, someone recently asked Mary-Jo if wallpaper was coming back in style. She looked at them and said, “It never went out of style!” Not only do we suggest a classic texture, but you also can’t go wrong with a fun print. You can even wallpaper the ceiling in a contrast paper or a fun metallic to make the ceiling pop!

Now for the vanity, Sometimes we love to use a piece of furniture like a chest or a small dresser and outfit it to be a vanity. The possibilities are endless!


The mirror is the first thing a guest’s eyes will gravitate to. Make sure you choose the right size mirror for your space.


A pair of sconces can light up the room beautifully. If you don’t have the room for sconces, a light bar can do the job. Also, if the ceiling is high enough, a fun accent light like a small chandelier can add to the design.


If you have read any of our other blogs, you know we love a good plant! It’s up to you whether you choose a real plant or a faux plant. There are many artificial plants that not only look real, but that are extremely beautiful. One of the best part about artificial plants is that they often come pre-potted saving you another step. If your plant is real, you can get creative with the pot you place it in. If your powder room has a window, put your live plants on the sill to soak up the sun.

At the end of the day your house belongs to you. When you work with our team of professional interior designers, you are paired with a designer who will get to know you and fully understand what you are looking for. Contact us to set up a consultation so we can turn your simple half bath into the most perfect, grand powder room!



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