Interior designers in NJ

Whether you’re stuck on how to decorate your home, have no time to style it yourself, or just need that push to execute your ideas, hiring an interior design team is your answer! Working with a professional interior designer not only saves you money and time but grants you a beautiful home while remaining stress free. When you hire Lawrence-Mayer not only do we provide you with a full wheelhouse of resources, but we take over every facet of the design process from start to finish.




Save Money and Time.  

Time is money! So why not use an interior designer to save both? Working with a professional interior design team will allow you to save money. It’s true that you’ll have to pay a fee, but you’ll also get to work with someone that can save you from making costly mistakes while increasing the value of your home. Even if you’re working with a small budget, an interior designer can get you discounts and will guide you to achieve the best value out of your spending.  

Working with professionals to design your home means you won’t have to take away time from your busy schedule. They’ll handle placing orders, fabric sourcing, and meeting your timelines. Lawrence-Mayer’s trained interior designers already know the obstacles ahead and what needs to be done, so there’s no wasted time.  


One of a Kind Décor.

A professional interior designer offers value beyond their expertise. They have certain connections for you to take advantage of that can’t be obtained elsewhere. Lawrence-Mayer creates custom-designed pieces in case you have found a design that you like but it doesn’t fit properly in your home. Sometimes you’ll see that certain pieces of furniture, fabrics, or materials are available to the trade only and you can’t get access to them. Lawrence-Mayer maintains a full library of exclusive wallpapers, fabric swatches, and furniture finishes that you’ll have access to. If you have created an idea for a piece, your designer can assist in making it a reality! If you decide to decorate your home alone, you’ll most likely seek inspiration in magazines or social media and you’ll buy furniture and accessories from stores. If you hire a designer, they’ll be able to make your home a one-of-a-kind space with custom features and unique details.


An Unbiased Eye.  

When redesigning alone, it’s easy to get caught up in details and struggle with final decisions. Designers have a trained eye that will notice the things you won’t. Your designer has an unbiased eye that will notice things you won’t and will curate all of your inspiration to create a cohesive look. At Lawrence-Mayer we enjoy providing our amazing clients with their dream spaces and giving their home the wow factor they are craving.


You spend a major part of your life in your home. Investing in your space’s style is a decision you will never regret. If you’re looking to transform your space into a more welcoming and comfortable environment, give the team at Lawrence-Mayer a call today!

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We hope all of our loyal followers are off to a great start in the New Year! Everyone deserves an abundance of good cheer and company around the holidays.

We made a lot of great strides in 2018, but there is one that really stands out. We took a leap and put ourselves out there by advertising in The Scout Guide, a publication showcasing excellence in the community. It is an amazing feeling to be included in a network of local companies who share our passion and dedication.

Setting a Standard of Excellence

Entering into the limelight wouldn’t have been possible without a team of creative interior designers: Mary-Jo Mantz, Marjorie Warga, Meghan Dobish, Jennifer Karwan and Sandie Gershenfeld. These talented women have years of experience bringing the most unique and cutting-edge ideas to fruition.

Our ability to advertise in The Scout Guide is a true testament to their hard work, attention to detail, and flawless execution of trending home designs. If you haven’t had the chance to work with us at Lawrence-Mayer Interior Design in NJ, you can learn more about all of our design experts by clicking here.

We can’t wait to keep growing, both personally and professionally, as we embark on the New Year. Now that we have gotten ourselves on the radar, we are setting the bar even higher for 2019. We hope each one of you will follow us on this incredible journey and be a part of our success story!

If you would like a complimentary copy of the guide, please click here and we will happily send one to you.



Your master suite deserves the dreamiest look and should feel like you are stepping into your own personal retreat.

Our client couldn’t be happier with this major design transformation. The master bedroom, bathroom and walk in closet was completely gutted. New hardwood floors were installed, new furniture, window treatments, area rugs were selected and a built-in breakfast bar was installed. In the master bath there is steam, body sprays and rain head showers as well as a soaking tub surrounded by Monet Marble and radiant floor heat.


“I met Margie in 2005 to design my home in NJ. She is extremely talented and has created a wonderful and beautiful home for me. We have continued to utilize Margie’s services to add on to our home and other projects.” View more of Margie’s work  HERE


Want to soak some worries away in “your” spa and have the best night sleep in “your” bed? Let us design a master suite for you, so traveling becomes that much closer to home. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Our expert interior designer, Sandie, recently completed this gorgeous transitional home for her Stone Harbor client. Sandie drew inspirations from the sea and the beach. The homeowners requested a space that was described as “inviting, comfortable, light and airy” says Sandie. We started the process by choosing a driftwood stained hardwood floor color which anchored the room.  The natural beach color palette was carried throughout the home by the choice of paint colors, accessories and materials used for the furniture. Performance fabrics were selected on the sofas in the living room and family room. Colorful accent pillows added pops of color.  Now it’s time to host family and friends! View portfolio of this home and others... HERE

Today, kitchens have evolved to become the heart of the home.  They are now designed to be one of the hardest working rooms. Homeowners are renovating kitchens to become the focal point of the home. Open-floor plans and island units are common ingredients that make up this space. Our top design requests are spacious, light, practical and stylish, with space for cooking and entertaining.

Does this sound like something that has been stirring up in your space but you are not sure how to start? We understand and can help you through the entire design process! View more kitchen design inspirations HERE


Our design expert Jennifer took coastal haven to a new level in this room! Living by the sea can be translated in so many ways. We love the flow of this room from the custom designed sailor themed beds to the weathered- wood faux painted walls.   Can you see yourself designing a room like this? View More 

We love how our designer was able to transform space! Let’s talk about how to carry coral throughout a room seamlessly. So well done here because a story is being told in this room. When you want to express your personal style, go the custom fabric route, it will help you define your own space, not your neighbors! View Entire Gallery of Home

We love the fall season because it brings inspirations for change. Why not beautify our homes with the hues drawn from the most colorful time of the year. Reds, oranges and yellows may not be our everyday color choices but if we look around us they are gorgeous and can be incorporated into design. Not sure where to start? Our designers know best and are happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation before all the leaves have fallen.

We love to share new projects with you. Margie, our Lawrence- Mayer design expert, just completed this stunning NJ home! Grandiose rooms with high ceilings can be a design challenge. Scale is important in this space and Margie filled it with such elegance.

Out of all the rooms in the home, the kitchen is by far the most versatile space. It is simultaneously a workspace, an eating space, a gathering place and even a place for entertaining. With so many jobs to accomplish, finding a design for your kitchen that accommodates these necessities can be a challenge.

This is one of the major reasons that the open concept kitchen has gained in popularity over the years. Whether you’re an avid cook, a busy parent feeding a small army, or a gracious host opening your home to guests on a frequent basis, an open concept kitchen lends itself to each different scenario seamlessly.

This example shows just how beautiful and multifaceted an open concept kitchen design can be. Here our client entertains quite frequently. The open area leading into the living space of the home allows the space for a large seating area that can be used for formal or casual dining. This smaller nook is a space for smaller groups to eat and chat or to tuck away with a cup of coffee and a book.

Altogether, this open concept kitchen includes the cooking area, a dining table, a breakfast nook and a small table and chairs that all lead into the living space giving the kitchen an open yet inclusive feel to the rest of the home.

With the fast paced and hectic daily routine, it’s nice to be able to have a space within the home that allows for the utility for practical day to day necessities while also acting as a warm and welcoming gathering space to steal away those few precious moments either on your own or with your family and friends.

If you’ve considered updating your kitchen but don’t know where to begin, we’d be thrilled to work with you to create a space that you truly love. Please contact us any time. We’d love to hear from you!