How to Set the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular and favorite holidays across the United States. We are here to ensure that you start off the holiday right with the perfect table set up. As our Interior Designer, Sandie Gershenfeld says, “Setting a table that is both functional and stylish is the ultimate goal.” So whether you have been hosting Thanksgiving for as long as you can remember, or it is the first Thanksgiving you’ve hosted, here are five useful tips that will help you set the perfect Thanksgiving table.

  1. Assess Your Guests

When we say assess your guests, we mean start off by knowing who is coming, for this can help prepare you for what will most appeal to your guests. If you have a big family, you may need more than one table. If that’s the case, we suggest splitting up the tables between kids and adults. Don’t feel bad, most of your family members and yourself included are probably waiting for some space away from the kids. By assessing who is coming, you can decide what table accessories are perfect for your guests!

If you are going to have more than one table for your Thanksgiving dinner, keep the theme the same. You can decorate using the same accessories, but make small changes such as using smaller plates and utensils for the childrens table. The adult table can have regular glasses, wine glasses and cocktail glasses, but the kids table should have smaller, kid-friendly cups. Both tables can have bread baskets and butter in the middle since we know bread is an essential for every meal!

  1. Your Table Theme

Before we get started on decorating and setting up your table, we need to prepare each part. First you need to ask yourself if you will be purchasing a new dining set or using what you already have. You should be picking accessories and decorations that compliment the plates and silverware. For example, if you have patterned china, then try to stick to solid colored decorations so it’s not feeling scattered. If you have a multi-colored and patterned plate, consider using silverware that is one of the colors of the plates. It can really bring the table together.

  1. Choosing Your Decorations

Will you be reusing decorations and accessories from past years or will you purchase new decor? For this step, the possibilities are endless. Your decorations and accessories are going to be focused in the center of your table. You can have an assortment of flowers, or create a centerpiece with garland, leaves, cornucopia, pumpkins, and more. Your creative side can really come to life with the centerpiece of your table. Remember, if you are having more than one table, the main table can have a more extravagant centerpiece, while the second table can have the same theme, but not as extravagant. It is up to your personal preference.

  1. Useful Additions to Your Table

We highly recommend having a tablecloth and a table runner. This not only adds to the theme of your table, but also saves your table from any possible damage with all the drinking and eating that goes on at Thanksgiving. Find a tablecloth that compliments the colors and designs of your dining set and decorations. It is usually best to use a solid tablecloth with a different color table runner that coordinates.

  1. Silverware and Napkins

When it comes to silverware and napkins, it is a lot more strategic than you think. Do you want to wrap the silverware in the napkin or keep them separate? Do you want to include all of the silverware options, including salad forks and spoons or are you keeping it simple with just knives and forks? Forks go to the left of the plate, while knives go to the right. Each silverware piece has a select spot and if you care a lot about the perfection of your table, it is easier to set the silverware yourself rather than wrap it because not everyone knows the placement. If you don’t care as much, you can wrap the silverware in your napkins and place them in front, behind, or on each plate! If you choose to place the silverware yourself, wrap your napkins and place them on the plates for a fancy, elegant touch.

There are a lot of different factors that go into setting your perfect Thanksgiving table, and it is no easy feat. Our team at Lawrence-Mayer is more than happy to help take some stress off of your hands for this busy holiday season by helping you decorate your Thanksgiving table exactly how you want it. Reach out to us today to get a head start on getting ready for your Thanksgiving 2021! Finally, let us remember that the most important part of Thanksgiving is giving thanks for gathering and sharing with your friends and family.



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