4 Simple Design Ideas You Need in Your Home

If you’re reading this, you might be considering redecorating your home. We understand this can be overwhelming so we put together some must-have design tips for each room. It’s up to you to find your style of furniture, but if you get these four items, you’ll definitely have a solid base to your space!

  1. Mirrors.

Mirrors are a great way to add illusion as they have the ability to make the room look larger. When deciding where to place your mirror, you should first take the size of the mirror into consideration. Smaller round mirrors are the perfect wall decoration for creating an edgy and clean space. Full-length mirrors against blank walls can make any room look like it is doubled in size. Adding different frames to the mirrors is a small detail that adds to the overall room aesthetic.

  1. Area Rugs

Area rugs work as a fun accessory to any room. A fluffy rug under your bed can be a comfortable, yet fun way to add a layer of texture and color to the floor. Area rugs can add a nice pop of color or just act as a neutral backdrop for your furniture. Area rugs can really anchor a living space when scaled correctly to the furnishings.

  1. Shelves

Adding a few shelves over a desk, or on a living room wall can be used as storage and accessories. Smaller plants can be added to shelves which add more life to a room. Stick to the color scheme and furniture to keep the theme of the room design. Another benefit of shelves is that they can make the space look clutter-free and organized. It is common to see picture frames, books, and personal items on shelves. Whatever you decide to add to your shelves, make sure they can hold the weight!

  1. Artwork

Many designers believe that a room is not properly decorated if there is no artwork in the space. The artwork expresses emotion and can shift the feeling of a room. You can reach out to our Interior Designers at Lawrence-Mayer who will connect you to beautiful pieces you wouldn’t find elsewhere. You can also find great artwork at second-hand stores or your local department store. Paintings and pictures create an interesting point in the room wherever it is hung up. A recent trend that people are doing is decorating their walls with framed prints. Prints are generally cheaper than a painting, so printing and framing the print is a cost-efficient way to add creative artwork to your walls. 

If you are interested in redecorating a space, be sure to keep these four suggestions in mind. If you are interested in receiving more tips from us about designing your next space, do not hesitate to contact us today! Check out our Instagram at @lawerencemayerdesign for inspiration. Contact us here and we will get in touch!


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