Creating a Chic Space at Home for your Fuzzy Friend

(Our Interior Designer, Mary-Jo Mantz’s Furry Friend, Crosby!)

All anyone wants to do for their pet is give them the world. Along with treats, walks, cute outfits and so much more, creating a stylish, but functional space for your pet is another way you can repay them for all the wonderful memories you share together. To all the pet lovers who go above and beyond for their furry companions, here are a few ideas by our Interior Designer, Marjorie Warga, for how you can decorate an area in your home, to create a chic space for your fuzzy friend.

Dog relaxing in its dog bed under the stairs in a nook with small window.

Build a Cozy Nook

The empty space underneath your staircase is a prime spot to create a cozy nook for your pet. You can decorate this space with an area rug, for those extra fuzzy friends, and a comfy bed for them to relax. To personalize it you can even hang a small sign above with their name on it to officially designate a place for them. This space would also serve as a great way for you to keep all their favorite toys organized. Consider leaving the perfect small bowl for water and the occasional treat to spruce up your pet’s new hangout spot!

Cute funny cat playing on tree at home

Cat Trees

Next, we have cat trees for your furry feline friend! If you have a cat in your life, you probably know how much they love to jump and explore. With a large variety of cat trees out there, you can be sure that there’s one to fit any space in your house. You can find some that are multi-level, bi-level, or even ones that have a single room that is elevated high off the ground. With a wide assortment of colors and styles, cat trees can match any theme you have in your house. An extra benefit of having a cat tree is that the support pillars are wrapped in rope your cats will love to scratch instead of your rugs or carpet! 

Pet Beds

When it comes to finding the perfect bed for your fuzzy friend, the possibilities almost seem endless. Consider furniture made with performance fabrics such as Crypton, DuraGuard, or Sunbrella as this material is harder for pets to dig into. Not only are performance fabrics perfect for protecting against cat claws, but they are also perfect for repelling animal hair from both dogs and cats.

Keeping A Clean Space!

Besides scratched or chewed furniture, other pet-related accidents are bound to occur. Whether it’s bringing in mud or dirt from outside or the occasional bathroom accident, they happen! When they do happen, Begley’sVenus, and Unique Natural Products are three great options for eco-friendly stain and odor remover. These products use natural oils, flowers, and even teas to get tough stains out, leaving your furniture clean and smelling fresh!

Meet Our Furry Friends

Now that you’ve read our tips, meet our furry friends. We always write our blogs from experience, and our team of Interior Designers are experienced pet owners!

Whether it’s a cozy nook or a tall cat tree, your pet will be relaxing in luxury. With a variety of different colors and styles, you have a vast amount of choices at your disposal for creating a charming space for your fuzzy friend. For any questions about how you can tie your pet’s chic space into your own, chat with us directly on our website or call us at 732-223-0900!


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