6 Must-Haves for the Perfect Bedroom

Did you know that the average person spends almost 26 years sleeping and 7 years trying to fall asleep? That equates to a total of 33 years of your life spent in your bedroom! For some people, the bedroom is the room to relax in as opposed to the living room. To ensure that your bedroom is everything you could dream of and more, we want to share some bedroom design tips to consider when decorating your room. 

A Bench or Ottoman at the End of Your Bed

A bench or ottoman at the end of your bed is one of the most perfect additions to any bedroom. It is both stylish and convenient and adds to the functionality of your room. You can rest clothes or bags here, and whether it be a bench or ottoman, store things underneath or in it! Ottomans are a great way to hide extra storage but also be able to sit on it, which leads us to our next suggestion! 

A Full-Length Mirror

Being able to see your whole appearance in a mirror before you leave makes a big difference! Not only does it make for the perfect photo-op of your to-die-for outfit before you walk out the door, but it also makes the space appear larger.

Wall Accessories

Any room needs art work and your bedroom is no different. You can add personal photos, or something that means a lot to you to the walls, or piece of artwork you like. It is your bedroom, so adding your personal touch with the artwork is a perfect idea!

Layered Bedding

Layered bedding is perfect year-round! It is not only stylish and brings the room together well, but it helps you sleep during the different seasons! In the winter, you might need your sheets, a blanket and your comforter, but during the summer you might only need one sheet. You never know when you’ll be feeling hot or cold, so it’s best to have ample options.

Black-Out Draperies

Black-out draperies can make your room the perfect place to curl up away from the outside world. These can be dangerous, but if you trust yourself and want to sleep right until that alarm clock, they will keep out the sun until you’re ready to see it!

You’re probably thinking, “my bedroom is my own space!” Yes, you’re right, but bring the things you love into your room! Are you an avid reader? Place a bookshelf with a cozy chair to curl up and read in. Are you big into yoga? Make sure to leave space for your mat. Maybe you play the guitar. Bring in a chair where you can play. Bring your hobbies right into your personal space! 

These are 6 bedroom essentials for you, but the list goes on and on! Our team of professional Interior Designers at Lawrence-Mayer are here to help take your bedroom out of your dreams and make it your reality! With our help, you can spend the rest of your 33 years in your bedroom feeling stylish and happy! Contact us today to get started.



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