Interior Design Trends We Expect To See In 2022

​​A new year means new beginnings! This year could finally be the year you get started on the home projects you have been talking about for years. As we enter the new year, new interior design trends have emerged that our team is on top of. Here are a few trends that we expect to see more and more of in the year 2022!

More Greens

When we say more greens, we don’t only mean more indoor and outdoor plants, but more paint colors and accents of green as well! Even though Pantone selected Veri Peri as the color of the year, green is also a color we are expecting to see more and more. This is because more and more people are adding succulents and indoor plants to liven up their living space, which give it a fresh, naturistic vibe. Green kitchen cabinets are also in, giving your kitchen a homey and earth theme that automatically brightens your mood!

Smart Furniture 

As we get further and further into the future, we are seeing more smart furniture, and even at more affordable rates. An emerging trend is maximizing your space, no matter how big or small. Some new smart furniture is rotating TVs, so you can watch your tv in the living room and then flip it to the bedroom! Perfect for saving both money and space.

Black Accents

Black trim around windows, door frames, cabinets, and furniture have become a popular trend. This accent is a bold statement to decorate your space. On windows, not only can it decorate the interior of your house, but the exterior as well! If you are looking to have a nice contrast between bright and dark, black accents could be perfect for your dream interior design.

Neutral Colors

A new trend that has emerged is a minimalist style when decorating homes, and often this is paired with neutral colors. However, neutral colors don’t have to go hand in hand with a minimalist style. Neutral colors often make it easier to accessorize and decorate your room, and allows you to choose bolder accessories to add to your room.  

Home Work Space

Since the pandemic, the amount of people who work from home has skyrocketed. As we move into the future and still aren’t returning to offices, many people are taking matters into their own hands and creating offices with space they have, no matter how big or small. We can help transform any space in the home you have into your own personal office, where you can get work done in a neat, organized space to make your life easier!
At Lawrence-Mayer Interior Design, we are here to build your dream space and make it so it is one-of-a-kind! Contact us today so we can help you get started on your new year project and join new trends you might be interested in! We are located in Brielle, New Jersey, but are always happy to travel.



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