Cute and Cozy Scents That Will Make You Feel All Warm and Toasty this Winter!

“I missed your smell” is one of the sweetest compliments someone can get, mainly because that smell is usually associated with a calm and safe feeling. Your home should be no different. Having a sweet and cozy scented home will not only make guests feel comfortable and provide an enjoyable visiting experience but it will also make you feel better every time you’re home!  Nailing that perfect “home” scent isn’t always easy but there are SO many different fragrances and diffusers, wax melters, and candle options on the market now so there is no supply shortage when it comes to finding the perfect scent for your home.

If enhancing the ambiance and decor of your home is a priority, then say hello to NEST diffusers and candles. These tend to be a little bit more upscale than other diffusers and candles on the market and bring a really unique and modern touch to the home. They make for not only an excellent gift but a great centerpiece for a modern style coffee table or kitchen island! Want to smell these soon? Head to our showroom in Brielle, NJ as we currently have these for sale.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to commit to one fragrance, NEST has got you covered. They carry an assortment of scents from Bamboo, to Amalfi Lemon & Mint, to Ocean Mist & Sea Salt. Close your eyes and take in the aroma of blue cypress, juniper berry, and hints of smoked vanilla as you float away on a snow-covered mountain retreat. That’s what NEST is all about.

The way your house smells says a lot about your home and a lot about how you take care of your home. It’s important and necessary that the scent is unique and comfortable. It’s imperative while creating a safe and warm space and it’s something that is so easy to do.


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