Fresh Take on Neutral Interiors

When it comes to deciding on a design scheme for the interior of a space in a home, there seems to be a common misconception that neutral colors will make the room feel flat, sterile, or even boring. However, when utilized carefully, neutrals and earth tones can bring out the inherent life in a space and even, in some cases, complement its natural surroundings.

Neutrals are our favorite way enhance a certain coziness in a space while also maintaining a clean and elegant feel. This coastal property features a wide spectrum of earth tones that range from light and understated to rich and warm. The perfect combination for a bedroom with a beautiful view of the coast. Where bright and bold colors could detract from its natural beauty, this simple color scheme frames the ocean view and makes it a stunning focal point.

As with any interior theme, there is always the risk of having too much of a good thing. While sticking to neutral colors can make a space feel fresh and minimalistic, incorporating different textures, patterns and statement pieces can give the space its own unique and memorable character.

  • Boldly patterned curtains frame the floor to ceiling windows and draw the eye to the coastal view.
  • Ornately carved, dark wood furniture brings a depth that gives the room a luxurious feel.
  • A textured area rug with a large pattern is a simple but effective addition to make the space cozier and spruce up the natural palette.

open family room brown (1)

If you’ve considered updating your space but have struggled with where to start, we’d be thrilled to work with you to create a space that you truly love. Please contact us any time. We’d love to hear from you!


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