Getting Your Home Ready for Homeschool

If you would have told parents last September that they would be teaching their children from home, you would have received nothing but wide-eyes and belly laughs. Fast forward 12 months and no one is laughing, but instead, we are adapting. Remote learning can be a challenge for the entire family, but if you set up your space properly, you’re set up for success! Technology is far from perfect and it certainly is a battle to keep everyone online and on task all day, but if the spaces we work in are well-appointed it will help reduce distractions and stress while boosting productivity!

When it comes to designing the perfect homeschooling environment, choose your space wisely. Consider utilizing a room in your home that is painted a soothing color and is more quiet and private. If possible, select a room that has doors that close to provide a sense of detachment from the rest of the home. If that’s not possible, purchase a pair of noise-canceling headphones to help do the trick! Still too noisy?

Apply soft coverings on windows to reduce echos and buy a rug. A rug can actually go a long way for reducing echos and acoustics in the room.

Gone are the days when learning meant you had to sit in a rock-hard desk under harsh yellow lighting. An advantage of learning from home is that your child can be comfortable throughout the day, and comfort promotes successful learning! When it comes to selecting the right desk and chair, consider purchasing a standing desk and a wobble chair! These chairs and desks are a God-send for students that have trouble

sitting still as they allow the user to stand when they are tired of sitting, and when they are tired of standing they can wobble in a 360-degree motion.

Now for selecting the right form of lighting! Consider using a 60 to 80-watt light bulb to create the perfect homeschool setting for your child. Avoid cool fluorescent light bulbs that release harsh lighting that can irritate your eyes and make you feel tired. Go for a warm halogen bulb that is more similar to natural daylight as it will place less of a strain on your child’s eyes. Your child will thank you in the future when they come home from a successful eye exam!

Organization is the key to success! Ensure your workspace has everything your students will need to accomplish the day. Having all of their supplies at arm’s length and labeled clearly will save you from a headache later. For instance, if your child needs to keep going into a different room to grab an essential, they may get distracted by something in the other room and not want to go back to class. Remember, you want your child to feel both comfortable and motivated while learning from home so it’s important to keep their designated space in order.
Having trouble creating the perfect home-school ready space for your children? Don’t worry, mama, we know how busy you are and we are here for you Our team of professional Interior Designers have done it before, and we will do it again! We can design the perfect space for your children to receive the quality education they deserve. Contact us to see what we can do for you!


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