Grasscloth Wallcoverings: Stylish and Simple

When designing any room, the first question you should ask yourself is: “Am I painting or will I be using wallcoverings?” Our head Interior Designer, Sandie Gershenfeld wanted to tell you why you should consider taking the wallcovering route next time you design. 

What is a Grasscloth Wallcovering? 

Grasscloth is a type of wall covering made out of natural fibers. The fibers may consist of hemp, jute, seagrass, arrowroot grass, bamboo, or raffia. It uses various hues and different dimensions to make the color pop. At a very quick glance, it may look  like paint but up close you can see the true details as the textures are very sophisticated. Grasscloth Wallcoverings compliment almost any style and decor from rustic to modern, from traditional to contemporary, or from classic to chic.

Our head designer, Sandie Gershenfeld, used a beautiful blue grasscloth wallcovering for a client’s dining room, shown here. The client was looking for something that was both elegant and simplistic while not going overboard. Classic sisal wallcovering is notable for its sheen, texture and extensive color palette. From chic neutrals to saturated hues. Grasscloth is available in a multitude of options from solid and laminated choices to  printed patterns and metallic designs.  These uniquely handcrafted wallcovering are often produced by skilled artisans committed to creating beautiful and sought after designs.

When most people think of wallcoverings they think of loud floral prints from the 70s. However, grasscloth brings the unique look of wallpaper in a subtle way. It’s like trading in your skinny jeans for some new skinny slacks. This look is a perfect way to dress up any room without doing too much.

Grasscloth can be perfect for your home, but picking out the right color and texture can be tricky. If you are needing help designing any room, you can contact one of our designers such as Sandie Gershenfeld. We will make sure your designs come together perfectly from beginning to end.


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