Designing From Afar

Throughout the past year I have mastered multiple things: To cherish time with loved ones, how to stay healthy and strong through tough times, and designing from afar. Designing is something I have always immersed myself in, and the process is exciting and unique every time. However, I have a general procedure when designing a space that is distanced from our office in Brielle, NJ. 

After getting in touch with the client and figuring out how I am able to assist in designing their home, I will take an initial trip down to view the space. I take precise measurements and get an overall feel for the house. Nothing is left to the imagination! I observe everything down to the existing tiles in the bathrooms when forming my designs. I also note ceiling heights because most designs are based on the scale of dimensions of the room. Everything must be proportional in order to maximize the design. If the client has two homes, they typically stay at the other home so we can avoid interfering and obstructing the client’s personal space while we are designing the area.

Once I have taken my initial trip to the property, I come back to Lawrence-Mayer and immediately get to work with all the ideas I have fashioned from my visit. A detailed presentation is created, and if the client is located in New Jersey, they have the option to come to our office to view it. If visiting our office is not ideal for the clients, I have given Zoom presentations that work just as well.

If changes need to be made, I update the design and get approval from the client. After they’re fully satisfied, we place the necessary orders. We have warehouses in various parts of the country where we ship our furniture which makes it easier for the delivery services to get the pieces to the home. The delivery service actually unwraps and inspects the furniture before installing to ensure a sound renovation. Once everything is set into place, I come back to make the final touches, hang artwork, etc. before finishing the home. I always make sure that everything is above standards to guarantee the satisfaction of the client.

It is all up to the client on how involved they would like to be in the designing process. One time I had a client that was revamping their kitchen and bathroom. They wanted to make sure everything we picked out was perfect, so we actually went to different tile stores and places together. It was enjoyable to see the clients’ faces light up when we found the perfect pieces for their home. 

Mary-Jo Mantz is a head designer at Lawrence-Mayer Interior Design. She holds a degree in Interior Design from Becker College in Worcester, Ma and joined the interior design firm in 1985. Are you interested in working with us from a distance? Contact us here for more information on how we can assist in all your design needs.


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