Experience The Wonders Of The Jersey Shore

Summer is a time for relaxation in the sun. With so many places to check out like different beaches, boardwalks/attractions, and plenty of great restaurants, the Jersey Shore is an ideal place to spend your time in the Summer. Since there is so much to do, you want to spend as little time as you can figuring out where to go. With that being said we have mapped out some of the best spots down the shore so you don’t have to!


The first stop on our tour of the Shore is Point Pleasant Beach. This beach town has so much to do for all ages. The beach itself is great for just laying out and soaking up the sun. You can also bring your surfboard and hit some of the best waves along the Shore. The hub of Point Pleasant Beach is the boardwalk. Here you’ll find fun games and rides for the kids. From mini-golf to roller coasters, they have it all. For the adults, there are multiple bars and restaurants where you can enjoy some fresh seafood refreshing drinks. One noteworthy restaurant that should absolutely be at the top of your list is Red’s Lobster Pot.

At Red’s, the staff is dedicated to give every customer an exceptional dining experience. With the restaurant being right on the water, not only is the atmosphere exquisite, but the seafood is stellar. If you make it over, you have to try their Lobster Rolls. You can’t fake fresh!


There’s no doubt when you come to the Jersey Shore, you’re going to spend much of your time at the beach. Well which one are you choosing? One town over from Point Pleasant Beach is Manasquan Beach and in the other direction is Avon Beach. Make your way down the ocean and you’ll end up in beautiful Asbury Park. This beachtown is known for their diverse art and music scene. One thing that all of the beaches have in common is that they are great for surfing. With a multitude of different shops to choose from, we always suggest Gordon’s Surf Shop. With boards and wetsuits hand picked by surfers themselves you can be sure that the products at Gordons are of the highest quality. The staff is super friendly and always willing to help. Whether you are new to surfing or you’re in town looking to pick up a new board, Gordans is definitely the place you should check out.


After spending a day under the sun at the beach or in the water, you’re going to want to cool off. Any local will tell you the best place to enjoy a frozen treat along the Jersey Shore is by going to Lighthouse. Getting ice cream or italian ice here is a New Jersey tradition. With so many different flavors of ice you’ll definitely find one that’ll turn into your new favorite. With locations all along the shore you can get a scoop no matter where you are. (Try the blue ice!)

The Jersey Shore is a treasure trove of great experiences. From the beaches to local restaurants and shops there is so much to do and see. Continue to check out our blog for more recommendations on things to do at the Jersey Shore.


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