The Perfect Bedroom Refresh: Wake Up and Make a Change

(Bedroom set from our showroom in Brielle, New Jersey)

Some people can argue that the bedroom is the most important space in your house as you use your bed everyday. Focusing on bedroom design is crucial for a maximum sense of security and peace, therefore we decided to share some of our favorite bedroom refresh hacks!

(A bedroom our team designed in Spring Lake, New Jersey)

Keep it Fresh

The same way someone might want to change up their appearance with a new haircut can be done when redesigning their bedroom. Your bedroom is an important place to keep fun and fresh because you spend so much time in it every day. It is easy to keep your room the same for months or years with little change, but redesigning could be a way to turn over a new leaf or make improvements to your sleeping space. Your bedroom is a unique way to express yourself and there are so many ways to personalize your space to be just the way you want it. If your job is stressful and the commute to and from work is overwhelming, your bedroom can be designed to be very peaceful to balance out the fret from the day time. 

Fresh Paint for a Fresh Room

Changing the color of the walls can transform a room depending on the color and the way the light reflects. Certain colors make you feel different ways subconsciously. Blue relates to trust and peace, compared to yellow representing happiness. Picking a color palette where everything matches can be very rewarding for the end results. Even repainting and refurbishing old furniture can give your room a whole new vibe. 

From the Floor to the Ceiling

Pulling up carpeted floors to expose beautiful hardwood floors has been an increasingly popular trend lately. Wood floors are very appealing and can make a room more simplistic. Adding the perfect light fixtures can really enhance the space. Large floor mirrors can also add depth to the room. 

Plants for Days!

A fun way to add life to your room is adding plants. Having plants in your room can do more than just make your shelves look greener and brighter. Plants boost your overall mood, and can reduce stress levels. If you have a desk in your room for work, plants can also improve your creativity and productivity. Something that is not typically realized is that plants also naturally filter air pollutants, which can make the air quality better.

Pillows and Bedding Made for You!

Adding new throw pillows that make the room pop, or adding wall decor can make the whole room come together. Looking for the perfect bedding and throw pillows can be a difficult task. Lawerence Mayer, located in Brielle, NJ, specializes in custom bedding and throw pillows, and have perfected the process to make it stress-free and fun! The best part of your bedroom is that it is completely yours, so customize it the way you want to! Creating pillows and bedding to match your style completes your bedroom, and is definitely something you should reach out to Lawrence Mayer for more guidance. 

At Lawrence-Mayer, we understand the importance of creating positive change, even if it is just revamping your bedroom. Making sure your bedroom is perfect is something we would love to help with. Whether you need help picking out new furniture, or finding beautiful decor, we have the tools and resources to come up with the best design for you. Contact us at Lawerence-Mayer for the perfect bedroom refresh!


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