Best Outdoor Design Trends in 2021

It might be the middle of winter, but now is the time to start preparing your outdoor spaces. Between custom designs and extended shipping dates, it can take months to have your space completed. Now with COVID-19, we are spending even more time in our homes so it’s important to make sure we love the home we’re in. When it comes time to designing your outdoor area, the possibilities are simply endless. At the same time, does the thought of endless possibilities leave you feeling overwhelmed? Our Interior Designers put together these tips and suggestions for you to consider when putting together your very own outdoor space!

Using Purposeful Placement

As our Interior Designer Megan Dobish puts it, you must “create rooms” by arranging furniture in a purposeful placement. Since you are creating an outdoor space, you will not have four walls. Be creative and create walls by utilizing potted plants to line the perimeter of the space.

Incorporating a rug is a chic way to tie the space together and hold it in place. This patterned rug with patterned cushions can be the perfect spring/summer style for your outdoor space.

Picking the Perfect Fabric

After selecting your furniture, it’s time to select your cushions and fabrics. If you’re the type that hates having to bring the cushions inside every time it rains, we would first suggest using a Crypton fabric. This type of fabric is more water-resistant and will save you from having to make that dreaded dash. Perhaps you are worried about seeing your fabric color fade? Consider a sunbrella fabric to keep your color optimal and prime! Sunbrella fabric has been used for over

30 years and is highly durable. The fabric is water, mold, and fade resistant, as well as easy to wash.

Choosing the Right Color

Not sure which color direction to go in? Follow the trends! Pantone’s Colors of the Year for 2021 is Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. With one color being bright and one being more solemn you can truly go in either direction or incorporate splashes of each color. If you’re anything like us and take the color of the year seriously and still want to incorporate your new decor from last year’s color, Classic Blue, you can! Blue is a neutral color that meshes well with nearly every color, but yellow and grey especially!

Designing your outdoor space takes an added level of creativity as there are many limitations. Without four walls, a sturdy ground, and a roof over your head, there are many extra details to take into consideration. By utilizing our suggestions and mixing them with your own ideas, your outdoor space is going to be lounge-ready in no time! If you still have some more questions, reach out to the experts at Lawrence-Mayer!


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